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Vicki Plevin, Associate Attorney

Vicki Plevin graduated cum laude from the University of New Mexico School of Law (UNMSOL) in 1998.  She received several awards, including the Margaret Keiper Dailey Award in Law for “excellence in scholarship, character, and those qualities of heart and mind that distinguished Mrs. Dailey’s personal and professional life: awareness of social problems, concern for people in trouble, and dedication to the professional responsibility to provide justice for all.”; the Elizabeth Ann Randel Prize for Initiative and Innovation Toward Gender and Racial Justice; and the 1998 Prize for Excellence in Legal Writing.

 In 1990, she moved to Albuquerque where she developed and coordinated the Fair Lending Center at the UNMSOL-Institute of Public Law.  She assisted in drafting legislation aimed at decreasing the number of foreclosures in New Mexico and protecting consumers from predatory lending.  In 2003, she worked to secure passage of the New Mexico Home Loan Protection Act, which became law in 2004. More recently, Ms. Plevin served as public policy consultant for the New Mexico Foreclosure Task Force established by the New Mexico Legislature in 2014.

Ms. Plevin is a VA accredited attorney, and she currently focuses her practice on assisting clients with both Medicaid and VA planning.  Further, she assists individual veterans with their VA disability claims and appeals.



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