New Mexico Probate

Girl_at_FuneralWhen a loved one dies, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a court proceeding. We understand how devastating this time can be, and we have the skills necessary to guide you through the process and help you manage the stress.

Probate is a court proceeding, in which the court appoints a personal representative (also known as an executor), and gives him or her the legal authority to act on behalf of the estate in passing the decedent’s personal and real property to others.  

A will does not alleviate the need for a probate proceeding, but a will (if legally valid) gives the court direction on who to appoint as the decedent’s personal representative and how the decedent wanted his or her property to be distributed. Without a will, a decedent’s property is distributed according to New Mexico intestate law, which provides who will receive a decedent’s community and separate property. 

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